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Wino Mosaics at the Square Cafe!
March 3rd - April 3rd






First Happy Hour was truly Happy
Over 80 members and guests had a wonderful time. 

Thanks to Nancy Generalovich for being first ever Happy Hour customer. 

Thanks to Dush Markoff, Zack Krieger and the Pavlovichs for treating many guests, great way to treat friends.  Thanks also to Dush for screwing up the TV!!!!!
The Masters is next week, but we had our own “Amen Corner” – Paul Kochka, Bob Topich, Larry Milosh, Paul Milanovich, Dushie and Guy…you didn’t go in there without saying a few Amens first.
Much feedback from everyone how they enjoyed the earlier start time, coming straight from work or dinner to enjoy the evening and the could still get home to watch the evening news

Except for the two guys who complained for the first time ever to “close the blinds, it is TOO BRIGHT “inside…imagine that, too bright in the ASC????
1 set of lost keys, 1 lost purse, and 1 lost piece of jewelry.  The purse remains unclaimed, the others thankfully found.

Thanks to Don Pritchard for lot of hours behind the bar and Paula Wino for providing bartending support

Linda Jovanovich and Mila Prpa did a great job in the kitchen, the nachos were…grande!!
Kudos to Orchestra Drustvo – especially Nenad Radulovich who played for 4 hours in a long sleeve shirt and tie for some reason????  Loosen up Nenad, it is Happy Hour!!!
Several new members signed up, many paid dues
Member drawing  - Suan Eiben – not signed in money, carries over

50/50 winner – Greg Voletich

Plan your calendar for Events coming up:

Saturday April 16 – Srpska Noc -9PM – Srpski Sinovi
Saturday May 7 – Cinco de Mayo rental – Open to Cub Members (check website)
Sunday May 15 –ASC Foundation Dungeon Jam (check website)
Friday May 20 – Happy Hour
Friday June 3 – Happy Hour
Saturday June 18 – Srpska Noc
Sunday June 26 – Annual Picnic
Friday July 1 – Happy Hour

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