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I'm in search of creativity every day. When I wake up that could mean working on a Film or TV commercial, creating dazzling custom stained-glass mosaics, taking that 'keeper' photo, writing a gripping short story, playing some percussive rhythms on my variety of drums, hitting the perfect tennis shot, or inventing a new way to entertain my pets.

There are thousand ways a day to put creativity in my life... I've always admired ancient mosaics, and while on the hunt for a new creative outlet in 2006, I found a terrific mentor who taught me the process of turning large pieces of stained glass into tiny shards of glass that can truly look like anything. When I'm making a custom stained-glass mosaic for someone who will appreciate it for decades to come, it truly gives me a thrill beyond words!

Wino Mosaics hang in homes & businesses of my Art loving patrons from Pittsburgh to New York City, from Los Angeles to Florida and as far away as Italy and Israel. My work has been exhibited or featured in Pittsburgh Galleries, Cafe's, & Coffee Shops, including the Square Cafe in Regent Square, Pittsburgh Indoor Tennis Club, The Twisted Vine Eclectic Market, & Thistledown Cafe/B&B.

I also offer instruction for small private classes at Studio 448, and offer open house studio hours preceding all major holidays... and sometimes the minor holidays, because ART should be celebrated as often as possible!

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